Plastic surgery of sagging upper eyelids (dermochalasis)

We offer removal of excess tissue. The incision is made in the natural eyelid folds so the scar is usually invisible.

Plastic surgery of lower eyelids turned outwards (ectropion)

It may lead to hypertrophic changes of the conjunctiva and inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea. The only effective treatment is surgery to restore the correct position of the eyelid.

Plastic surgery of lower eyelids turned inwards (entropion)

In untreated cases, this can lead to inflammation of the cornea, its ulceration and opacity, resulting in deterioration or even loss of visual acuity. The correct positioning of the eyelid is obtained surgically.

Removal of xanthelasma with plastic surgery of eyelids

These lesions do not cause pain and are not dangerous to health; if not removed, they usually grow and can take up the entire eyelids, causing an unsightly appearance.
Nonetheless, in spite of removing them, such lesions may recur.

Chalazion removal

For cosmetic reasons, surgical removal of chalazion is required.

Removal of various proliferative lesions and growths on the eyelids and around the eyes
(papilloma, adipomas, cysts, leiomyomas, cancerous lesions)

For aesthetic or health reasons (possibility of malignancy) it is better to remove various proliferative lesions preventively.